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Are you a business owner, hiring manager, or company executive tired of making hiring mistakes?

Why use Omnia?

• In Business since 1987
• Just 15 minutes to complete
• Results in less than 24 hours
• Hiring Cost/ROI Analyses
• Free training
• Strategic Alliances/Partnerships
• Recommended by Industry Experts
• Complimentary interview guides
• One stop shop for recruiting advice
• Independently validated
• Range of products for all your needs
• Local decision-making and accountability
• Clear recommendation regarding compatibility
• Highly flexible reporting due to our level of customisation
• 1,500,000 Profiles – giving us industry & position expertise
• Outstanding Client Retention
• Education & Training Seminars
• Management alignment studies
• Results measure: cultural/environmental job fit, judgment & maturity

  •  Fully customised to your business
  • Analyst written – not computer generated
  • Gives job fit compatibility score
  • Measures and assesses fit with the manager and the team
  • Measures fit with the culture of your business
  • Gives advice on how to manage and coach the candidate if selected
  • Gives an outline of the candidate's potential strengths and weaknesses
If you’ve ever hired the wrong person you know how stressful it can be. It can cost 1- 2 times annual salary.

Can your business afford:
  • Expensive recruiting company fees
  • Paying salary, benefits and redundancy to staff that do not pull their weight
  • Training and retraining costs
  • Your time to manage poor performance
  • The cost of having an open position in your business
  • The cost of a negative employee pulling down the rest of your team
  • Losing prospects and clients because of a poor fit employee

Omnia can help make sure you hire right the first time
and find the perfect fit for you and your business.

Our 24/7 online portal offers a simple and seamless way to manage employment testing. 

Customised Benchmark

We benchmark your existing high performing staff to build a composite profile of the work style needed to succeed in your business.

This is the perfect customised and affordable solution for bulk recruitment that can be used in situations like graduate recruitment, customer service, retail, contact centre, processing and more.
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Role Based Reports for Recruitment, Retention and Development of Existing Staff

Our professional development, customer service and leadership profiles help your team understand natural strengths.

Perfect for team development, coaching, succession planning and enhancing performance of existing team. We can customise workshops and packages for your business.

Simplify your Recruiting Process and Reduce Admin with O.A.T.S

Recruiting is time consuming. Omnia has an integrated recruiting software or Omnia Automatic Tracking System (OATS) to help you reduce administration, save time and manage all of the data. This solution is embedded into our portal and perfect for small and medium sized business.  

Our candidate testing solutions allow you to dive deeper into your candidate’s strengths, capabilities and most importantly cultural fit. Our testing products are delivered online and can be tailored for your needs. We are the distributor in Australia and New Zealand.

Our Omnia Profiles are a small price to pay to avoid the cost of a bad hire.

  1. The War for Talent - The Omnia Team Dynamics Report
    16 May, 2019
    The War for Talent - The Omnia Team Dynamics Report
    As the year rolls on things are going from strength to strength. The war for talent is well and truly alive as the economy approaches full employment. It is more critical than ever to retain and develop existing performers at work, and the Omnia profiles are a great tool to achieve these goals. While our testing services are most commonly used during the recruiting process for selection, there are other uses of the Omnia tools. Any questions on leveraging the Omnia profile contact Julie
  2. How to improve your hiring process
    10 Apr, 2019
    How to improve your hiring process
    Improving Success: Ensure your new hire can deliver No matter how thorough the hiring process, there’s no guarantee your new employee will be a “keeper.” We all make mistakes, but a regrettable hire costs time and money, and can have knock-on effects to other staff, clients and your reputation. Here are a few simple tips to help you to create a hiring process with a higher chance of success. Not Knowing What You Want  Whether you’re looking for someone to fill a brand new role or to step into
  3. 01 Mar, 2019
    Why use profiling to hire new staff?
    Assessment and profiling can seem like a difficult additional step but it can be very easy to implement and can add a lot of value to your recruiting processes and decision making. The most important benefit is simply more information! Profiles offer more data that is difficult to reliably obtain from a resume or an interview, that can add another dimension to your decision making. In fact, studies have shown that of all the methods you can use to select and hire a candidate, the
  4. There are many uses for The Omnia Profile®
    18 Feb, 2019
    There are many uses for The Omnia Profile®
    There are many uses for The Omnia Profile® Selection Before Hire Thanks to our extensive benchmarking, we can compare your candidate to your specific performance expectations, workplace/environment, and up to three prospective peer group members. You will also receive compatibility assessment of the prospective supervisor with tips to the supervisor as to how to focus and motivate the candidate. Selection Before Transfer We compare a candidate to others performing successfully for you in the

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