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Omnia employment testing adds objective data to your hiring process. Rely more on science, and less on luck and gut feel, to uncover what candidates are really like beneath the tip of the “interview” iceberg.

If you’ve ever hired the wrong person you know how stressful it can be. It can cost 1- 2 times annual salary. Can your business afford:

  • Expensive recruiting company fees
  • Paying salary, benefits and redundancy to staff that do not pull their weight
  • Training and retraining costs
  • Your time to manage poor performance
  • The cost of having an open position in your business
  • The cost of a negative employee pulling down the rest of your team
  • Losing prospects and clients because of a poor fit employee

Omnia can help make sure you hire right the first time, and find the perfect fit for you and your business.

Omnia Selection Profile

The Omnia Selection profile gives you invaluable insight into how job applicants are hard wired, so you don’t get fooled by what they present during an interview.

Our simple and easy to read reports give insight on behavioural traits like assertiveness, communication style adherence to the rules, pace, team orientation, and desire for recognition

Skills and knowledge can be learned but attitude and preferred work style are much more difficult to change or develop. That is why the experts say that hiring for attitude and fit is critical.

  •  Fully customised to your business
  • Analyst written – not computer generated
  • Gives job fit compatibility score
  • Measures and assesses fit with the manager and the team
  • Measures fit with the culture of your business
  • Gives advice on how to manage and coach the candidate if selected
  • Gives an outline of the candidate's potential strengths and weaknesses

The Omnia Service is the difference.....

  • Reports are straight forward and easy to understand
  • Includes a hiring companion with interview guides to make selection easy and consistent
  • We help you with every step of the process from set-up to interpretation
  • No lengthy setup process and you get access to our simple portal
  • Our system us flexible and reports are available in a timely manner
  • Only pay for what you use. No set-up fees or initial training cost

The Omnia Selection Profile allows you to recruit like a pro and stay in control of the process, saving you time, money, and the expense of hiring the wrong person

Other Products

Our online portal offers a simple and seamless way to manage employment testing. We have a full suite of tests available to suit your needs, and can tailor a solution for you.

  • Make effective decisions
  • Deal with complexity
  • Learn quickly
  • Successfully reason and solve problems

Cognitive Tests

Broken into two sections verbal and numerical, the Omnia Cognitive assessment measures general mental ability and gives you strong indications of candidate’s ability to…

Cognitive tests are the #1 predictor of strong performance on the job.

Customised Benchmark

We benchmark your existing high performing staff to build a composite profile of the work style needed to succeed in your business. This is the perfect customised and affordable solution for bulk recruitment that can be used in situations like graduate recruitment, customer service, retail, contact centre, processing and more.

Role Based Reports for Recruitment, Retention and Development of Existing Staff

Our professional development, customer service and leadership profiles help your team understand natural strengths. Perfect for team development, coaching, succession planning and enhancing performance of existing team. We can customise workshops and packages for your business.

Sales Style

Discover the strengths, challenges and even hidden talent in your sales team Understand what inspires each individual to tailor a package to motivate them. The report includes a self-awareness guide that provides coaching advice, making this the perfect tool for both recruiting new staff and managing existing staff.

 Simplify your Recruiting Process and Reduce Admin with OATS

Recruiting is time consuming. Omnia has an integrated recruiting software or Automatic Tracking System to help you reduce administration, save time and manage all of the data. This solution is embedded into our portal and perfect for small and medium sized business.  

Our candidate testing solutions allow you to dive deeper into your candidate’s strengths, capabilities and most importantly cultural fit. Our testing products are delivered online and can be tailored for your needs. We are the distributor in Australia and New Zealand.

 Our selection tools are a small price to pay to avoid the cost of a bad hire.

Contact us now to see if you are eligible for a free sample profile to see the power and simplicity of Omnia

Omnia Operations Manager