Omnia New Zealand Newsletter 

  1. 01 Mar, 2019
    Why use profiling to hire new staff?
    Assessment and profiling can seem like a difficult additional step but it can be very easy to implement and can add a lot of value to your recruiting processes and decision making. The most important benefit is simply more information! Profiles offer more data that is difficult to reliably obtain from a resume or an interview, that can add another dimension to your decision making. In fact, studies have shown that of all the methods you can use to select and hire a candidate, the
  2. There are many uses for The Omnia Profile®
    18 Feb, 2019
    There are many uses for The Omnia Profile®
    There are many uses for The Omnia Profile® Selection Before Hire Thanks to our extensive benchmarking, we can compare your candidate to your specific performance expectations, workplace/environment, and up to three prospective peer group members. You will also receive compatibility assessment of the prospective supervisor with tips to the supervisor as to how to focus and motivate the candidate. Selection Before Transfer We compare a candidate to others performing successfully for you in the
  3. Sales - Five Problems, Five Solutions
    31 Oct, 2018
    Sales - Five Problems, Five Solutions
    Sales - Five Problems, Five Solutions For many of our clients, finding great salespeople is the biggest recruiting headache they have. I recently came across an old article that I thought had some great tips. Creating an atmosphere for the truth. It's a rare prospect who willingly opens up and shares details of his or her organization's problems with a salesperson, particularly one just met. Instead, reps find themselves face-to-face with lies, half-truths, and omissions as buyers guard
  4. What is a psychometric assessment and why do I need it?
    31 May, 2018
    What is a psychometric assessment and why do I need it?
    A psychometric assessment is used to measures a person’s suitability for a role based on their intellectual capabilities and preferred work style . Organisations that use psychometric assessments believe that these assessments add objective data to a recruitment process and when used in conjunction with other selection methods, like interviews, allow businesses to make better hiring decisions. It is often used to ‘split the difference’ between two candidates that are equally qualified for a