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  1. How to improve your hiring process
    10 Apr, 2019
    How to improve your hiring process
    Improving Success: Ensure your new hire can deliver No matter how thorough the hiring process, there’s no guarantee your new employee will be a “keeper.” We all make mistakes, but a regrettable hire costs time and money, and can have knock-on effects to other staff, clients and your reputation. Here are a few simple tips to help you to create a hiring process with a higher chance of success. Not Knowing What You Want  Whether you’re looking for someone to fill a brand new role or to step into
  2. 01 Mar, 2019
    Why use profiling to hire new staff?
    Assessment and profiling can seem like a difficult additional step but it can be very easy to implement and can add a lot of value to your recruiting processes and decision making. The most important benefit is simply more information! Profiles offer more data that is difficult to reliably obtain from a resume or an interview, that can add another dimension to your decision making. In fact, studies have shown that of all the methods you can use to select and hire a candidate, the
  3. There are many uses for The Omnia Profile®
    18 Feb, 2019
    There are many uses for The Omnia Profile®
    There are many uses for The Omnia Profile® Selection Before Hire Thanks to our extensive benchmarking, we can compare your candidate to your specific performance expectations, workplace/environment, and up to three prospective peer group members. You will also receive compatibility assessment of the prospective supervisor with tips to the supervisor as to how to focus and motivate the candidate. Selection Before Transfer We compare a candidate to others performing successfully for you in the
  4. Test your Candidates for the Best Outcome
    07 Feb, 2019
    Test your Candidates for the Best Outcome
    Psychometric testing is valuable for all types of roles as it provides information on the likely response of a candidate to a certain situation, or a preferred way of behaving in a particular situation. This can affect an employees success in a role. For example, if you are comfortable interacting with new people, or have a naturally competitive nature you are more likely to be successful in a sales role, than someone who is more reserved. If you are naturally methodical, systematic, and pay
  5. Sales - Five Problems, Five Solutions
    31 Oct, 2018
    Sales - Five Problems, Five Solutions
    Sales - Five Problems, Five Solutions For many of our clients, finding great salespeople is the biggest recruiting headache they have. I recently came across an old article that I thought had some great tips. Creating an atmosphere for the truth. It's a rare prospect who willingly opens up and shares details of his or her organization's problems with a salesperson, particularly one just met. Instead, reps find themselves face-to-face with lies, half-truths, and omissions as buyers guard
  6. What is a psychometric assessment and why do I need it?
    31 May, 2018
    What is a psychometric assessment and why do I need it?
    A psychometric assessment is used to measures a person’s suitability for a role based on their intellectual capabilities and preferred work style . Organisations that use psychometric assessments believe that these assessments add objective data to a recruitment process and when used in conjunction with other selection methods, like interviews, allow businesses to make better hiring decisions. It is often used to ‘split the difference’ between two candidates that are equally qualified for a
  7. Where all the great candidates?
    23 May, 2017
    Where all the great candidates?
    We hear a constant theme when talking with our clients about their hiring efforts, and it comes in 2 variations: No-one has applied for my advertised role I have too many applications to wade through but none are a fit Recruiting can be a disheartening, time consuming and frustrating exercise without a solid attraction strategy. Here we outline the top 5 tips for employers looking for that perfect candidate: Job Boards The days of post and pray on a job board like Seek are long gone. Don’t
  8. 25 May, 2016
    Customer Service Profile is here!
    Omnia is continuing to expand our suite of role based behavioural style profiles. We are pleased to introduce our new Customer Service Profile designed to help both employees and employers understand preferred work styles. The Customer Service profile joins our other computer generated profiles that look specifically at Sales and Leadership styles. Our role based profiles can be used in a number of ways: - For employers looking for insights on a candidate’s strengths and potential challenges
  9. G.J Gardner Franchisee Selection Process
    10 Apr, 2016
    G.J Gardner Franchisee Selection Process
    Testimonial -    We proactively screen both potential franchisees as well as support our franchisees on key hiring decisions with the Omnia selection profile. We are quite selective as our franchisees are our brand. The assessment of both job fit and team fit is an important indicator of future success, and the reports give us important insight into our candidates.
  10. Why Start Ups should prioritise job fit when hiring
    09 Apr, 2016
    Why Start Ups should prioritise job fit when hiring
    Your first few employees are critical to the success of your start-up. They will form the basis of your tribe, and set the tone and culture of your business. Get it right and they will fuel your growth and allow you to build momentum, but get it wrong, and they could be your undoing. Recruiting well is not a skill taught in business schools, and many startup founders do not have a wealth of experience. Often the limiting factor on the pace of growth of a new business is a lack of talent. If
  11. Graduate Recruiting
    08 Apr, 2016
    Graduate Recruiting
    When you hire graduates you are hiring for future potential. It is an opportunity to take the brightest and the best and build a pipeline of talent for your organisation. You take a fresh crop every year, and mould them for your organisation. Their experience with you will shape their careers. Recruiting graduates is like no other recruiting assignment. There is keen competition, and a great employer brand is important is critical in this market. Equally is difficult is selection. Graduates
  12. April Employment Update for New Zealand
    04 Apr, 2016
    April Employment Update for New Zealand
    ScrolI down for: April Employment Relations Update New Health and Safety Laws Omnia Cognitive Assessment Discount Affordable recruiting support April Employment Relations Update April brings a number of changes to employment relations that you should be aware of. In addition to the key changes outlined below, there are tougher penalties for non-compliance including penalties for 'officers' and individuals with significant influence. This is not limited to an owner, or the Board of Directors, but
  13. Welcome back to 2016
    11 Jan, 2016
    Welcome back to 2016
    Welcome back to work..... We have been busy over the Christmas period with updating our website - We have added extra features, pricing and information to our business website including a shopping cart. Through the process our email and website was out for a few days. If you have sent us an email and we have not got back to you, please resend the email or call us on 07 8566 004. Our full contact details are here. Now let's introduce some of products and website features. We are